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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Glamour Shots Reviews Ensure Quality Photos for a Special Event

Capturing images for a special celebration is important for many reasons. Keepsake albums will bring fond memories to family members for many generations and special home d├ęcor and holiday gifts are often created to commemorate important life events. These moments should never be left in the hands of amateur photographers. Glamour Shots reviews can be helpful when looking for a reputable studio to handle a child's graduation photos, engagement pictures, and many other important occasions.

It's important to begin the search for the right photographer far enough in advance to avoid conflict. Booking a photographer last minute can pose problems with participant's availability. Additionally, an early search provides time to examine work samples of a prospective photography professional. A personal search of Glamour Shots reviews should be one of the determining factors in the selection of a studio or photographer because they provide a realistic and mostly unbiased look at the quality of a service. It will become evident that the decision to work with a studio like GS is ideal for ensuring that quality prints can be obtained.

An advanced search for a talented professional should also include research on package pricing and available options. In many cases, studios provide touch-ups on photos, air-brush makeup, sepia-colored prints, iPhone cases with the pictures on them, children's parties and more! Glamour Shots reviews make it possible to find local studios and photographers to produce these types of mementos.

Working with a studio photographer can be beneficial because of the options and expertise inherent in such service. Studio photographers are not hired without excellent experience in the field, so customers will know that they are getting the best. In addition, having a studio means that a photographer can achieve the best and most flattering images in terms of lighting, color-coordination, and desired backdrops. An amateur has to rely a lot more on natural light and scenery, elements that are traditionally difficult about cooperating.

When an important event looms, having the pictures taken by the right people is key to getting memorable photos. By checking out Glamour Shots reviews, potential clients can find the best photographers and studios to meet their needs.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

For Glamour Shots, Reviews Are Important

When it comes time to get pictures taken for the most special occasions of your life, how can you know what photographers can be counted on for their professionalism, skills, and value for your money? According to customer favorite Glamour Shots, reviews are the first thing that prospective customers should check.

According to the nationally popular studio portrait chain, online reviews are one of the prime places to hear about experiences with different photographers, including the treatment of their customers, quality of the photographic result, and customers' overall feelings about their own involvement and satisfaction.

While the reviews about Glamour Shots are generally positive, the same cannot always be said for other photographers. Customers of some of these "studios" claim that they may make a "surgical strike" by opening their doors, grabbing clients' money, and then shutting down and disappearing.

Online reviews are essential for avoiding this kind of scam. For instance, a photographer or a studio that has been in business for a while and has an actual community presence will usually have many reviews. On the other hand, if a photographer claims to have a history of service but only has a string of negative reviews or, worse, none anywhere, customers should pass that one up.

For trusted photographers like a Glamour Shots, reviews are easy to find, just like the studio itself, and that's another important way to avoid unscrupulous shutterbugs. While many legitimate special occasion photographers might advertise "have camera, will travel," the convenience and trustworthiness of a photography studio is something to strongly consider. Fly-by-night operations don't have the time and resources to set up an actual physical studio, or the need, since many people fall prey to them so easily and ignore the warning signs; they need to get in and get out quickly, usually leaving a lot of anger and frustration in their wake.

Checking out online reviews and physical locations that stay put just proves that Glamour Shots is the real deal. Rather than having to navigate through scam artists or photographers without a base-of-operations, come to Glamour Shots and discover what a real studio can do for you!


Monday, July 15, 2013

5 Tips for Achieving Great Portraits

Investing in a professional portrait that doesn't live up to your expectations can be frustrating. While some complaints arise over dissatisfaction with the final product, many of these are generally related to styling and wardrobe issues. We make every effort to provide a memorable experience to our customers, but it's important to recognize that good communication can help avoid disappointments. There are some important steps to take so that you don't walk away from your experience with Glamour Shots complaints of your own.

1. Plan Your Wardrobe

Whether a shoot only involves you or if there are several individuals participating, wardrobe should be selected in advance. Look for complementing colors and styles, and take time to try items on in advance. For children, consider materials that won't wrinkle easily and that will be comfortable.

2. Hair and Makeup Styles

Take time to explore hair and makeup options on your own. Bring photos for clear explanation of what you want and discuss any interests with your stylist so that you can achieve the best results. Also, never be afraid to speak up if you don't like something.

3. Prop Selection

Props can turn simple images into fun representations of personality. Some Glamour Shots complaints are mere expressions of regret at not having thought to try something clever with a special prop. Favorite toys for youngsters can be the means of capturing precious memories and flirty props like fans and parasols can add a lot of character to an image. Reviewing some of the albums online or in the studio prior to the date of your sitting can provide the necessary inspiration.

4. Rest and Refreshment

Arrive at your sitting well-rested so that you can look your best. Don't eat a heavy meal before arriving, but make sure that you aren't hungry, either -- by the end of the shoot you might be starving and uncomfortable. Similarly, make sure that the youngsters have eaten a small snack so that they don't get cranky.

5. Talk to Your Photographer

The most important key to a great sitting and excellent portraits is clear communication with your photographer. If you want a certain type of shot, don't be afraid to discuss it and bring examples if you have them. Our professionals are dedicated to providing you with a quality experience, and they will work carefully to capture the shots that you want.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Glamour Shots: The Only Way to Give Birthday Presents

Giving birthday gifts is always tough. There's a lot of pressure on people to find gifts that the recipient will like, but which are also unique. After all, why give someone yet another gift card to the same restaurant or store when there are better options?

Photo gifts are one of the best ways to please people and offer something distinctive at the same time. But just any pictures won't do for a special birthday gift. Anyone can snap shots on their digital camera and have them printed out these days, but the images often lack the cohesive style and precision of professional photography. By heading to a Glamour Shots location nearby, you can ensure the highest quality photos while still having creative control over the style and end result of the endeavor. Plus, you'll get the reaction that you want from everyone, old and young. 

The photos that are taken at a Glamour Shots studio appeal to a vast array of people of all ages.

Your parents might appreciate some nice shots of the grandkids, other than the generic headshots that the school provides. Get the whole group together and get in the photos yourself and your parents will have a beautiful picture of their most cherished family members that they can proudly display on their mantelpiece.


You could always have a portrait of yourself taken to give to your spouse on their birthday. The wallet sized photos could be carried everywhere to remind him or her of just how much you care. If you don't like having your photo taken generally, going the extra mile to get quality shots in a studio will be especially meaningful to your significant other.


While your children may not be particularly interested in having shots of parents or siblings on their walls, they may want some of themselves with friends. Setting up a party for your child so that they and their friends can have makeup done and get to dress up might be the best gift that you ever give them.

With such an easy way to please anybody having a birthday, there should be no Glamour Shots complaints from the receiving end. On the contrary, everyone will praise you for your good taste and ability to think of unique gifts. You pretty much can't go wrong!



Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boudoir Photos Give Women the Chance to Feel Glamorous

Let's be honest. Most women today don't get to feel beautiful and glamorous that often. While they might dress nicely for work, women have to temper their look to be a bit more conservative around the boss and the office.

And parties? How many parties do grown women get to go to where they can truly get away with a voluptuous dress and classic bombshell lipstick? The current trends place a great deal of emphasis on cute clothes and simpering little-girl styles and many women might feel overdressed going all out in those situations.

That's where Glamour Shots Boudoir sessions come in. These photos capture women at their very sexiest and most alluring, making them feel thoroughly pampered and giving them the confidence to shine. Women who are having these photos taken are advised to arrive at the studio with a few outfits and some ideas about what kind of poses that they would like to do. Printouts or magazine clippings are of further assistance to the photographer, who will then have an even better idea of what a woman wants to see at the end of the shoot.

People having boudoir sessions don't have to do their own makeup, either! All they have to do is show up with a clean face and some concept of what they would like their makeup to look like. The makeup artist will discuss the woman's preferences and find the best way to match it to the clothing that was brought and the style that the photos will be taken in. After the pictures are taken, Glamour Shots reviews them with the customer to ensure that they came out as desired and to make any changes that are necessary.

Want 1940s pinup girl glam? Whatever a woman wants, she can have and come out looking and feeling like a million dollars. The experience of having these pictures taken will not only give her extra confidence in herself for years to come, but provide the kind of glamor that she doesn't normally get to experience.



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