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Glamour Shots Reviews: Glamour Shots Discount Scams

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Glamour Shots Discount Scams

Glamour Shots is always developing new ways to help customers save and get the most out of their experience with us by offering discounts. However, it seems that some people are unhappy with the discounts and having been calling them Glamour Shots scams. After taking a closer look are their accusations actually true?
One complaint that was made was in regards to a Glamour Shots location not honoring a discount, because the coupon only applied to specific studios. As with any business, promotions that become available to customers have restrictions. Although Glamour Shots is a franchise, which means wherever you go you will see the same branding such as studio design, logo, and equipment, every store may not be participating in the same promotion. If a Glamour Shots in your area is not honoring a coupon this does not make them scam artists.
Almost every business has restrictions or limitations placed upon their coupons and discounts. From fast food restaurants to upscale retailers, they all have instances where certain promotions are location based. This means that 5 Glamour Shots may be participating in the particular promotion that you would like to use while other ones may not be.
Promotions that are sent to your mailing address or sent to you via email always let you know what restrictions apply. Before making a trip to Glamour Shots, take the time to see whether or not the location that you have in mind will honor your coupon. All of the locations that are honoring the discount that you would like to use will be listed on the offer.

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