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Glamour Shots Reviews: Glamour Shots Parties and Special Events

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Glamour Shots Parties and Special Events

Are you looking to host a party or other special event with a few close friends? Glamour Shots offers party specials ideal for children and teens looking to host an awesome party, perfect for birthdays. All you need is a minimum of four participants and to be ready to have some fun!

Glamour Shots offers child-appropriate hair and makeup, along with two wardrobe changes for party participants and three outfits for birthday girl or boy. We encourage the host and participants to bring their own outfits, as it represents their personal style, as well as items that are special to them to be photographed with. If your child and their friends love music, musical instruments might be a good idea or if your child is into sports, sports uniforms would be ideal.

We wouldn't want to leave the family out of the celebration! Mom, Dad, and grandparents can be photographed with the birthday girl or boy at no extra charge. Our party event includes: 12-16 pose photo experience of each party participant, instant viewing of portraits, and party favors of 9 portraits: 1 5x7 and 8 sub wallets!

Due to the high level of professionalism displayed at all of our Glamour Shots locations, you will never have to worry about a Glamour photography scam. Let Glamour Shots help make your special occasion one to remember with tangible party gifts to look back fondly on. Book a Glamour Shots event today!



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